Our Story

The Slimeonade Stand was born in 2017, when I began searching for ways to both de-stress myself after a busy day and to help calm my daughter's anxiety through sensory tools. Trying my luck with handmade slimes, clays and putties not only helped her immensely, it opened my eyes to a whole new community of others searching for the same relief. 

Today, I share my handmade scented sensory slimes and stress relief products, relaxing "ASMR" videos, and slime tutorials with children AND adults all over the world. Slime is a common language we can all share. I put love and care into each slime you touch and every video you watch. 

All of my products are made with non-toxic PVA glue, skin-safe scents and dyes, and an activator made with diluted sodium borate, a naturally occurring mineral salt commonly found in eye drops, natural laundry detergents and saline solutions. 

I hope you enjoy my products as much as I love making them for you!

Happy Sliming!


Erin Murphy
Founder & Chief Glue Poker
The Slimeonade Stand