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A "Butter Dough" texture (thick and clay-based, easy to hold in your hand) scented like fresh summer air: a blend of lemon, cedar and sweet grass. The aromatherapeutic qualities will transport you to a relaxing outdoor festival filled with music, good food, friends and fun. Part of our "Things We Miss" line, this product is an homage to festival gatherings of the pre-Covid world. Comes topped with clay flower slices, heart glitters, and assorted sparkles. Mixes to a pale green. Colors and clays may mix in transit. 

    DISCLAIMER: Slime is a constantly changing product. Slimes may settle and/or mix during the shipping process and may inflate/deflate/evaporate with play.

    FOR SENSORY PLAY ONLY. NOT EDIBLE! RECOMMENDED FOR AGES 10 AND UP. SMALL PIECES PRESENT A CHOKING HAZARD. Allergy Alert - do not use if you have an allergy to borax, fragrance oils or food dyes.   

    PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING! If under 18, you agree that by purchasing, you have a parent or guardian's permission to do so. Please read ALL descriptions thoroughly and double check shipping address accuracy before purchasing! I do not offer refunds or cancellations once orders are placed. 

    IMPORTANT: Each order includes detailed instructions for the care and use of your new slime. Variations in outdoor temperatures during the shipping process may cause your slime to arrive sticky. This is easily remedied by placing your slime in the refrigerator for 1 hour prior to opening followed by re-activating your slime with the borax powder and instructions provided. We are not responsible for refunding or replacing slimes damaged by improper care or use.