COVID-19 UPDATE 3/13: Though our team remains healthy, we have collectively decided to suspend all NEW slime production while we self-isolate for 14 days. We have chosen to do this to ensure our health and the safety of our customers before we resume the production of any handmade products. Provided we remain healthy at the end of the 14 days, we will RESUME new production on 3/27. Existing sealed stock (produced and jarred prior to March 5) will remain online at 30% off and will ship with a slight delay due to reduced staff. Please select “YES” at checkout if you wish to receive a business card and activator powder with your order. Please read all production descriptions and disclaimers before purchasing.

Fluffy Bunny

Fluffy Bunny

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A cloud type slime (fluffy and having a cloud-like, cotton candy texture) scented like bunny cake (vanilla cake batter and lemon-almond buttercream). Topped with adorable bunny fimos, glitters and pink foam beads.

    DISCLAIMER: Slime is a constantly changing  product. Slimes may settle and/or mix during the shipping process and may inflate/deflate/evaporate with play.

    IMPORTANT: Please note, slimes contain some or all of the following ingredients and are intended for ages 10 and up: Borax, PVA Glue, glycerin, natural and artificial fragrances, coconut and/or nut oils, food dyes, pigments, clay, beads, glitter, and other decorative additives. Slime is not edible. Slime contains choking hazards. Each order includes detailed instructions for the care and use of your new slime. Variations in outdoor temperatures during the shipping process may cause your slime to arrive sticky. This is easily remedied by placing your slime in the refrigerator for 1 hour prior to opening followed by re-activating your slime with the borax powder and instructions provided. We are not responsible for refunding or replacing slimes damaged by improper care or use.